Our Zoo Policies

In order to ensure that your visit is enjoyable and safe for you, other guests, and the animals, please observe the following Wildwood Wildlife Park Policies:

  • All smoke products including: cigarettes, cigars, pipes, as well as alternative smoking devices including e-cigarettes, are not permitted on Zoo grounds.
  • No straws are permitted for the safety of our animals.
  • The following items are not permitted on Zoo grounds: balloons, skateboards, roller blades, roller skates, laser pointers, or radios.
  • No glass containers of any kind are permitted to be brought onto Zoo grounds.
  • No pets are allowed at the zoo. 
  • You may feed animals in those areas where feed is on sale from the zoo, but only and exclusively with the feed provided by the zoo.
  • No visitor shall go over, under, between, sit or stand, or hold children over any barriers, walls, fence, or rocks.  
  • For your safety and to help preserve our valuable plant and tree collection, please Stay on the pathways.  Do not pick any plants, flowers, or leaves.
  • No teasing animals, throwing objects into exhibits, or littering the Zoo grounds. 
  • Children must be supervised at all times.
  • No rain checks or refunds will be issued.  Guests wishing to leave the park and return the same day need to have their hand stamped at the Gift Shop.
  • For health reasons, footwear must be worn at all times and keep your shirt on.
  • No outside food, or alcoholic beverages allowed in the Zoo.
  • No grills are permitted on Zoo grounds.


You are welcome to take photos and/or video for your personal use only; commercial photography is prohibited without written permission/consent from Wildwood Wildlife Park Director.  

Photography permission

On occasion we will photograph or videotape visitors for educational and promotional purposes.  Entry to the zoo grants permission for use of these images.

Areas Closing

Due to mechanical, health, weather or other safety conditions, we may have to close certain areas or attractions.  

Code of Conduct

Disrespectful behavior, such as vulgarity, loitering, intoxication, theft, and all other actions that negatively impact our guests will not be tolerated, and may result in ejection from the park without a refund. Wildwood Wildlife Park reserves the right to deny admission or cancel any membership if the bearer violates park safety and security rules.

Lost or Theft

Wildwood Wildlife Park is not responsible for loss or theft of personal property or for damage to vehicles or personal property on premises.